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La Cage Aux Folles (1983)- Broadway Musical hit Starring George Hearn and Gene Barry


Alright, I’m not gonna be a hog anymore, and share this with everyone. La Cage Aux Folles at the Tony Awards.

George Hearn sings “I Am What I Am” at 4:13. You can also get a treat and see him accept his Tony Award at 10:47. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that JULIE FREAKIN’ ANDREWS PRESENTS THE AWARD TO HIM. Yeeeeee!

"I know my Mother’s name…. Hi, Mom!"

George, why you must be so effing cute like, all the time?

OK, I’ll shut-up now and let y’all enjoy! <3


Musical: La Cage aux Folles | Year: 1983 | Composer: Jerry Herman | Lyricist: Jerry Herman | Book: Harvey Fierstein | Basis: La Cage aux Folles by Jean Poiret |

Georges and his lover Albin, who stars as Zaza at their St. Tropez drag nightclub, “La Cage aux Folles,” have lived happily together for many years. Albin is the club’s star female impersonator while Georges is the club’s Master of Ceremonies. Problems arise when Georges’ twenty-five year old son, Jean-Michel, a result from a brief encounter years back, announces that he is engaged to Anne Dindon. Anne is the daughter of a well-known homophobic politician, Edouard Dindon. Anne’s parents want to come and meet Jean-Michel’s mother and father. Little do they know that Albin, a man, has essentially been Jean-Michel’s mother figure his whole life. Jean-Michel wants to keep Albin away from the Dindons but Albin is hurt and insists on making an appearance. In the end, due to a little blackmail, the Dindons are forced to accept Jean-Michel into their family. (x)

Memorable Songs: "La Cage aux Folles", "With You on My Arm", "I Am What I Am", "Masculinity"

Actors in Role:

Georges: Gene Barry (OB), Denis Quilley (OL), Daniel Davis (2004 BR), Philip Quast (2008 Off-LR/2008 LR Rep), Denis Lawson (2008 LR), Simon Burke (2008 LR Rep), Kelsey Grammer (2010 BR), George Hamilton (2011 US Tour)
Albin: George Hearn (OB/OL), Gary Beach (2004 BR), Douglas Hodge (2008 Off-LR/2008 LR/2010 BR), Graham Norton (2008 LR Rep), Roger Allam (2008 LR Rep), John Barrowman (2008 LR Rep), Christopher Sieber (2011 US Tour)



american horror story - ryan murphy & brad falchuk - 2011/2012/2013

happy halloween from if it were stine

I would read the shit out of these

Things Ryan Murphy DOESN’T Like:



1. Your feelings

2. Also, Your feelings

3x09//3x13 Delia supporting Misty

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Lily Rabe behind the scenes of seasons 1-3 of AHS

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I got really curious and translated what Cordelia whispered to misty before she died ‘sequere lucem venite ad me’ and it translates to ‘Follow the light come to me’





Found this amazing Coven video on youtube its worth a watch

This actually made me really sad :l

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